A Closer Look at Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Update and Its Features

Craig Cortez


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Star Citizen, the space simulation title being developed by Cloud Imperium Games, is back with its latest update, Alpha 3.18. This new update brings with it a host of features that promise to make the in-development sci-fi game even more immersive for players who are enjoying its early access phase. The most notable are persistent entity streaming, racing, and prisons. Let's take a closer look at each of these features separately and see what they have to offer the Star Citizen universe.

The persistent entity streaming feature is designed to keep up with many entities in an area without compromising quality or performance by using dynamic loading and unloading based on player proximity. This means that ships will no longer appear as if out of thin air when entering areas populated with more significant amounts of ships or objects; instead, they will be gradually loaded into view as players approach them to prevent any lagging or crashes due to too much data trying to be loaded at once.

Racing has been added as part of the persistence streaming feature so that those who enjoy competing against friends can do so while playing Star Citizen in relative safety from other ships entering their race route since they can now load dynamically into view instead of suddenly appearing out nowhere mid-race! Additionally, this allows racers to set up their own tracks on different planets, which adds another level of depth not found before this update’s release! Finally, some prisons give players who commit crimes such as piracy somewhere offscreen where authorities can send them for punishment without affecting anyone else’s experience within the game world. This is an excellent way for those looking for some extra immersion within their space adventures!

Overall this new alpha 3.18 update promises plenty for fans, old and new. Whether you're looking for some extra competitive edge through racing or want your environment to feel more alive during your next mission, you won't regret checking out all these exciting new features included within Star Citizens' latest patch! With so many impressive additions like persistent entity streaming, racing, and prisons, Cloud Imperium Games strives to make one unique sci-fi experience unlike anything else!