Amazon Prime’s Fallout Had More Than 5 Million Views in its First Full Week

Craig Cortez


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Amazon Prime's adaptation of the Fallout series has become a phenomenon, captivating audiences and revitalizing interest in its video game origins. Since its debut on April 10, the series received more than 5 million views in its initial week of release from April 12-18, making it the most-watched streaming original for that period. Viewers collectively spent over 2.5 billion minutes watching the show, and it accumulated 285.3 million minutes within just its first two days.

The overwhelming success prompted Amazon to quickly approve a second season, with production scheduled to start in Toronto in September before moving to California for the major portion of its filming.

Simultaneously, the video games that inspired the series have seen a remarkable surge in popularity. Fallout 4 experienced a whopping 7,500% increase in weekly sales within Europe, clinching the top spot on the sales charts. Fallout 76 set a new record for the highest number of concurrent players on Steam and successfully drew over a million players in one day. Overall, the Fallout franchise boasted more than 5 million players during the same timeframe.

The synergy between Amazon's new series and the long-standing video game franchise by Bethesda illustrates the powerful impact of media adaptations on their original source material.