Crime Boss: Rockay City Makes Its Steam Debut and Teases Extensive Future Updates

Craig Cortez


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The popular crime-centric game, Crime Boss: Rockay City, is set to make its grand entrance on Steam come June 18. This announcement has stirred excitement among PC gaming enthusiasts who have been eagerly anticipating this release. Alongside its Steam debut, the game is also rolling out a brand-new downloadable content (DLC), ensuring there's plenty of new experiences awaiting players.

Steam Launch and New DLC

Developed by InGame Studios, Crime Boss: Rockay City plunges players into a world of criminal masterminds, strategic heists, and turf wars. The game initially captured the attention of the gaming community with its riveting storyline and engaging gameplay mechanics. The June 18 Steam release marks a major milestone for the game, offering a broader audience the chance to dive into its gripping narrative.

The upcoming DLC, officially named "The King of Rockay," promises to expand the game's universe even further. Players can look forward to new missions, characters, and environments, which will diversify the gameplay and keep the experience fresh. According to the developers, this DLC is just the beginning of a series of updates and expansions planned for the game.

Roadmap for Future Content

One of the intriguing features of the announcement for Crime Boss: Rockay City is the comprehensive roadmap detailing updates planned up to the year 2025. The developers have revealed their commitment to continuously enhancing the game, ensuring that it remains engaging and dynamic for years to come.

Future updates are expected to include additional story arcs, gameplay modes, and enhanced features. Periodically, these updates will be introduced to enhance the complexity and fascination of the game's universe. InGame Studios has emphasized their dedication to listening to player feedback, which will play a crucial role in shaping the game's evolution.

Community Enthusiasm and Expectations

The announcement has garnered an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the community, with numerous fans sharing their excitement across assorted gaming forums and social media platforms. The game's dynamic narrative and immersive gameplay have already built a loyal following, and the Steam release is set to broaden this fan base significantly.

Players have shared their hopes for new content, including specific types of missions and character development. InGame Studios has been actively engaging with the community, indicating that player suggestions are being taken seriously and may influence future updates.


The arrival of Crime Boss: Rockay City on Steam, along with the new DLC, marks a pivotal moment for the game. With a carefully planned roadmap for future content and a dedicated developer team, fans can look forward to an ever-evolving gaming experience. June 18 is set to be an exciting day for both new players and long-time fans, as they dive into the crime-filled world of Rockay City.