Google Chrome Intensifies Protection Against Spam

Craig Cortez


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Google is busy with the new feature for its Chrome browser. The company wants to make anti-spam protection more advanced. The code they will release can provide Google with permission to revoke permission of the website to send spam notifications.
The company is trying to cut the number of notifications users receive in Chrome. The spam notifications will be stopped before they can be sent. The new feature allows Google to protect users even before spamming websites start their fishy business. Notifications that Google consider disruptive will be caught on their way from the website to the user. The code that Google works on grants the permission to forbid the permission of websites to send notifications. Apart from that, Google does not allow this website to ask for any permission from users in the future. You will not see spam messages.
According to Google’s officials, such notifications are disruptive and considered as a violation of the policy. You may find it in the “Developer Terms of Service” set of rules. Spam protection is rolling out around the world. However, the whole procedure may take some time. The service will be available on any device. While the new service is making its way to each Chrome browser, Chrome for Android developers are working on another feature. They were caught in the middle of testing the ability to restore the tabs that were previously closed.
It is not the first attempt of Google to cut the amount of spam. Yet, this time, Google is dangerously serious. The company is planning to not only block spam notifications but to take back the once-allowed ability to send such notifications to websites they find involved in spam.
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