'Lemnis Gate' to be Shut Down in July, Last Chance for Players to Enjoy the Timeloop Shooter

Craig Cortez


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Frontier Foundry and Ratloop Games Canada have announced that their time-loop shooter Lemnis Gate is scheduled to be closed down this year. The innovative game's servers will shut down on July 11th, and the title will remain available for sale until April 11th. This news has been met with sadness by both developers and players alike since it was one of the first titles released by Frontier Developments’ publishing label, Frontier Foundry.

Lemnis Gate is a turn-based multiplayer shooter where each player gets 25 seconds to make their move before results are played out. Teams battle it out over five rounds to win each match. It has been praised for its unique time-loop mechanic, which keeps players engaged throughout the game as they use quick thinking and strategy to win the round before time runs out. Despite launching just last year, it had already acquired a dedicated fan base who are now saddened at its imminent closure.

While PC players won't be able to continue playing once website servers go offline on July 11th, console gamers can still enjoy local multiplayer games or training modes after this date. The closure also marks an end of an era as Lemnis Gate was one of the few successful projects brought forth by Frontier Foundry – many fans were excited about what else could come from them following such high praise for their first release. Still, unfortunately, we'll never know now since they've decided not to pursue any further development on this project or others like it anytime soon.

As time runs short, there's still plenty of opportunity left for those who want one final chance at glory in Lemnis Gate; new content packages have been released recently, giving fans even more variety when playing online or locally with friends, so if you haven't tried it yet then now would be your last chance too! There's no doubt that some people may try running private servers after the official shutdown, but whether these will stay up long enough for anyone else besides initial testers remains unclear at this point. Either way, though, there's very little time left, so don't wait any longer; otherwise, you may miss your opportunity completely!


While sad news that Lemnis Gate will close come July 11th might bring some disappointment among fans – there is still hope that with enough support from loyal users (and maybe even developers), we could see another similar project come our way sometime soon! In any case, if you're interested, then make sure not to miss your chance before all opportunities pass away – get ready for one final adventure into this unique world full of action-packed combat!