Maximize Your Strange Coin Collection in Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Craig Cortez


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Learn how to efficiently gather Strange Coins in Destiny 2 and make the most out of Xur's weekly offerings.

Strange Coins are a valuable currency in Destiny 2, almost as iconic as the game itself. They were introduced in the original Destiny and carried over to its successor, providing Guardians with a way to purchase exotic items from Xur, the mysterious weekend vendor. For those looking to optimize their inventory, understanding how to gather these coins effectively is crucial.

Who is Xur?

Xur, also known as the Agent of the Nine, appears every weekend in a random location within the Destiny 2 world. He brings a rotating inventory of exotic weapons, armor, and other items in exchange for Strange Coins. His items are highly sought after, making the accumulation of Strange Coins a weekly priority for many players.

Best Methods to Obtain Strange Coins

There are several methodologies to amassing Strange Coins. Here's a detailed look at the most efficient ways:

Weekly Bounties

One of the most straightforward ways to earn Strange Coins is through weekly bounties. Completing these tasks can quickly add a decent number of coins to your collection. Make sure to check the bounty list every week and prioritize the ones that offer the most coins.

Public Events

Participating in Public Events, especially Heroic versions, can be very rewarding. These events often drop Strange Coins upon completion, and they occur frequently on various planets. Coordinate with your fireteam to maximize efficiency and participation in as many Public Events as possible.

Strike Missions

Strikes are another excellent source of Strange Coins. These challenging PvE activities often yield coins upon completion, particularly Nightfall Strikes. Aim to complete these on higher difficulty settings to increase your rewards.

Crucible Matches

For players who prefer PvP, Crucible matches are a useful avenue for earning Strange Coins. Participate in the weekly Crucible playlists, and don’t forget to pick up the Crucible Bounties, as these can offer additional coins as rewards.

Making the Most of Your Coins

Once you've accumulated a healthy stack of Strange Coins, it's vital to spend them wisely at Xur. Here's how to strategize your purchases:

Prioritize Exotic Engrams

Exotic engrams offer a high chance of yielding powerful items that can significantly boost your Guardian's capabilities. Always consider purchasing these first if Xur's inventory includes them.

Check for Armor Upgrades

Look out for exotic armor pieces that suit your class and playstyle. Purchasing well-rounded armor can provide additional perks that make a significant impact during both PvE and PvP encounters.

Weapon Selection

While exotic weapons are always tempting, it's essential to examine their perks and how they fit with your current build. Prioritize weapons that complement your strategy and fill gaps in your arsenal.

Staying Up to Date

Xur's inventory changes every week, making it essential to stay updated on his offerings. Check the official Destiny 2 forums, websites, and social media channels dedicated to providing weekly updates on Xur's stock. This can help you plan your Strange Coin usage effectively, ensuring you never miss out on essential items.


Accumulating Strange Coins and spending them wisely at Xur's shop is a crucial part of the Destiny 2 experience. By understanding the best methods to gather these coins and making informed purchase decisions, you can ensure your Guardian is always decked out in the best gear available. Happy hunting, Guardians!