Overview of Cheapest Netflix Plan With Ads

Craig Cortez


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Netflix has unveiled its new cheapest plan, which costs three dollars less than the basic US option (monthly subscription). The low price is due to the limited video quality and built-in advertising. Many users are worried that the promotional videos will be excessively long and intrusive, so they are unsure whether to switch to this plan.

So, according to Netflix, for every hour of a movie or episode of a series, there should be up to four minutes of advertising that you cannot skip. Of course, it is not one video of this length, but several clips, which in total should not exceed four minutes. In general, our experience shows that the platform has implemented 15-, 30-, 60-, and 75-second ads in its movies and series. We did not come across videos that were 90 seconds long or longer; that is, Netflix has tried to make sure that ads do not ruin your user experience too much.

According to the company, the content of ad videos can be personalized based on your behavior within the app. However, it seemed to us that all videos are the same, regardless of which account they run on. In terms of theme matter, the ads were somehow related to travel, cars, bookings, jewelry, food, cosmetics, and so on. After all, it may be worth personalizing the experience for each user to make ads more interesting (if it is even possible).

We also came across titles where there were no ads at all. We believe it is because of the low demand for these projects. Also, children's accounts do not have promotional videos, but they have thematic and age restrictions. All in all, we didn't find anything particularly disastrous about Netflix's cheap, ad-supported plan. However, we think it can still worsen some users' experience. What do you think about it? Is it worth a couple of dollars off to watch an ad without being able to skip it?