Sony's Latest Helldivers 2 Leak Unveils a New Rocket Launcher

Craig Cortez


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In an unexpected twist, Sony has inadvertently leaked a new stratagem for Helldivers 2, setting the gaming community abuzz. This revelation came not from a sneak peek or insider scoop but from a marketing email gone awry. Helldivers across Reddit quickly spotted the error, leading to excited speculation. The email mentioned the RL-77 Airburst Rocket Launcher but showcased a different, unrecognized weapon instead. Whether this mishap was a simple error or a deliberate move by Arrowhead remains unclear.

The image from the email left Helldivers puzzled and intrigued, as the showcased rocket launcher doesn't resemble any currently known models. The quad-barreled design bears a striking similarity to the M202 FLASH, an incendiary launcher famous for action movies. This unexpected discovery has fans theorizing about the possible introduction of a new, incendiary weapon in the game. Such a weapon could significantly diversify players' options in combat, particularly against entrenched enemies.

Interestingly, the closest match to this mystery weapon is the MLS-4X Commando from the first Helldivers game. Although it lacked incendiary rounds, its quad-barreled configuration is reminiscent of the leaked image. The prospect of its return, possibly upgraded with incendiary capabilities, has sparked considerable excitement. A long-range incendiary launcher would fill a unique niche in Helldivers 2, offering a thrilling tactical advantage.

There is precedent for old equipment making a return in Helldivers 2, as seen with the inclusion of mech suits. The potential return of the MLS-4X Commando, revamped for modern warfare, aligns with this trend. If the Illuminate enemy faction reappears, having an arsenal of new and powerful weapons would be invaluable. The introduction of a versatile incendiary launcher could transform battlefield strategies, giving the Helldivers a potent edge.

Accidental or not, this leak has successfully captured the community's imagination. Whether Sony's marketing team simply swapped image files or Arrowhead orchestrated this reveal, the buzz around Helldivers 2 has undeniably increased. Gamers now eagerly await official confirmation and more details about the potential new stratagem. As excitement builds, the gaming community remains on high alert for any new information about Helldivers 2 and its arsenal.

In summary, Sony's unintended reveal of a mysterious rocket launcher has unintentionally fueled excitement for Helldivers 2. The similarity to the MLS-4X Commando sparks hope for a revived and improved version. This development could add dynamics to combat, especially with the possible return of past enemies. As speculations rise, both Arrowhead and Sony benefit from the heightened anticipation surrounding the game's release. The community's curiosity is piqued, making the wait for official news even more tantalizing.