Starship Bundle Price in Star Citizen Nears Median US Yearly Salary

Xavier Roberts


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The infamous space MMO Star Citizen has once more stirred the pot of controversy with its newly released "Legacy Fleet Admiral Pack," which has been priced at a staggering $48,000 USD. To put that into perspective, this price is nearly equivalent to the median annual income in the United States as of 2022, which stood at $52,000. Debates have erupted, with some members of the community quick to criticize spenders of such an extravagant sum on a game, while others argue in favor of the value and freedom to invest in a much-loved hobby.

Uncovered by reporting from PC Gamer, this in-game purchase is eye-wateringly expensive for the average gamer but could be seen as a bargain for the wealthy enthusiast. The bundle itself is a trove of virtual treasures, featuring a fleet comprising over 175 ships, including formidable battleships, adaptable explorers, luxurious yachts, and various ground vehicles. Additionally, it makes a sweet offer of lifetime insurance for these vessels, which is an invaluable asset within the game.

Breaking down the cost, each ship comes to about $275, which seems exorbitant, yet this may not be the case for the person with pockets deep enough to afford the entire bundle. Factoring in the additional 635 items included, the per-item cost reduces to about $60—an appealing deal for a collector or a dedicated player in the Star Citizen universe.

It is paramount not to disparage the choices of the game developers or the consumers who decide to make such a purchase. Judgments about how people choose to engage in their hobbies can often reflect biases in day-to-day life. Considering that video gaming was once dismissed as an inconsequential pastime, it is wise to refrain from criticizing the passions of others.

Regardless of individual opinions on the matter, the price of the "Legacy Fleet Admiral Pack" highlights an important and ongoing discussion within the gaming community regarding monetization in the digital entertainment space. The significant advantages offered by the pack, such as ship insurance and the considerable number of assets, denote it as a particularly tempting offer for those who can afford the luxury.