Timeline Insights on Google Maps

Craig Cortez


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Google Maps releases new updates, including Timeline Insights and Trips tool. It improves the Transit Crowdedness Predictions instrument. For users who are traveling abroad, it shows the COVID-19 information, with restrictions and updates on reservations.

The app quickly reacts to changes around the world, with the change in COVID-19 policies and situations. It helps you to navigate in crowded areas, offering helpful solutions, and making up-to-date predictions. The new tool Google Maps helps you to stay safer avoiding crowds in the public transport system.

Timeline Insights instrument was created to reveal the history of your movements during a month. The app provides information on COVID restrictions in the area you pick. From now on, you don’t have to spend hours driving somewhere to make the reservation or buy the product. You can do it via the app.

Google has shared details on its app on July 21 via the post in their blog. The company revealed new updates on Google Maps. According to market analysts, the most important feature that is currently in demand among Google Maps users is crowdedness predictions. The feature was introduced back in 2019. Now it has more than 10000 transit agencies in more than a hundred countries. They notify app users about crowded public transport. This is an advanced feature that became possible with the use of AI technologies, trends in historic locations, and community help. These predictions are made with the protection of the privacy of each user. This service is already rolled out in Sydney and New York City as the pioneers. Google says that more cities will appear on the list soon if everything goes smoothly with these two.

Timeline Insights were announced this month for the Android platform. It provides information on the traveling history of users every month. It reminds users of all the places that have been visited and how much time was spent there. If you have not traveled anywhere, you can still enjoy the history of travels from other users who want to share this experience with you.