Uncovering the Hidden Cheats of Gran Turismo 4 After 20 Years

Craig Cortez


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For the diehard fans of Gran Turismo 4, the seminal PlayStation 2 racing game released in 2004, there's finally something to cheer about. After almost two decades, developer Polyphony Digital's cheat codes for the game have now been unearthed, and this discovery is sure to reignite interest in the franchise.

Fascinatingly, these hidden cheats had been in the game all along, with nobody figuring out how to unlock them. According to Twitter user Nenkai, who specializes in Gran Turismo reverse engineering, the codes are only accessible on save games older than 365 in-game days. Although some gamers may be miffed by this requirement, it makes sense why the developer would put such a barrier in place. 

The cheat codes are spread across a variety of functions and activities, from adding credits to the player's account to unlocking a gold rating in any given event. As Gran Turismo 4 quickly approaches two decades since its launch, this latest discovery may cause many players to jump back into the game to try out the cheats. 

Furthermore, the discovery could be of particular significance for PC players, as Gran Turismo 7 isn't available for the platform. This gives PC fans of the series a good reason to re-embrace the franchise, and modern gaming PCs are more than capable of emulating the game and running the cheat codes. 

In conclusion, the uncovering of these cheats may also have implications for the next mainline Gran Turismo game, which is currently in development. Since the franchise has made a shift to a more interconnected progression system with microtransactions, it's possible that Polyphony Digital won't allow cheats to be enabled in the upcoming entry. Regardless, they have still managed to add a fresh twist to the legacy of Gran Turismo 4, making it a great time to jump back into the series after all these years.