Kingdom Under Fire 2 - War God Package review

Kingdom Under Fire 2 - War God Package

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The War God Package contains the full version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 and the War God Package DLC.

The War God Package contains:

3x Exclusive Costumes:
This selection box contains 3 different sets: Guardian of Light, Paladin and War God (blue-and-white, black-and-gold and black-and-red). Each set is a complete costume for all playable classes – whichever path you take, you’ll be perfectly kitted out from head to toe.

2x Mounts:
Contains the two noblest mounts on the continent: a true Unicorn and Poseidon’s Charger. Speed and style guaranteed!

Troops Benefits:
  • 10x Troop Coupon
  • 20x Troop Revival
  • 2x Rare Troop
  • 1x Heroic Troop
  • 1x Unit: Experienced Paladin
  • 1x Troop XP Book
  • 30x Heroic Improvement Stone
  • 30x Faction Improvement Stone

Other Benefits:
  • In-game currency: 5,000x Cubic
  • Silver & Gold Booster Pack (365 Days)
  • 5x Change Appearance Voucher
  • 150x Resurrection Ticket
  • 50x Universal Repair
  • 2x Character Slot Expansion

All package items will be sent to you via in-game mail. All contents can be collected up to 6 times per account after creating a character. Unclaimed items in the in-game mailbox will not be deleted when a character is deleted.


Kingdom Under Fire 2 - War God Package Kingdom Under Fire 2 - War God Package
Kingdom Under Fire 2 - War God Package
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