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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales review

Immerse yourself in Insomniac's exciting standalone title, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The game builds upon the success of its predecessor, the original Marvel’s Spider-Man, with meaningful updates enriching the tried and tested formula. This game expands the Spider-Man universe yet manages to make every aspect feel more essential. Despite being a smaller overall experience, it's certainly not light on detail and adventure.

Encapsulating Gameplay Teeming with New Features

The brilliance of the original game doesn't go forgotten in Miles Morales. The impressive swinging mechanics and immersive storyline of Peter Parker’s journey reappear but this time around, there's a twist. New features, including side missions and the exhilarating moves of the titular character, create a fresh take on the classic Spider-Man saga. Interestingly, Miles' character is beautifully portrayed and convincingly carries the game on his shoulders.

Spectacular Graphic Enhancements

Primarily designed for PlayStation 5, the game's graphic utilities have a notable leap forward from its predecessor. Improved lighting and particle effects invoke nostalgia for the vibrant city streets. The swinging mechanics have been tweaked for 60fps, making it a smoother and more visually satisfying experience than before.

Representation of New York City

One of the most captivating aspects of the game is its depiction of New York City, specifically Harlem - Miles' new home neighborhood. Rather than focusing on familiar characters or villains , this game breaks the mold and encourages you to explore the cityscape as a teenager residing in the bustling city. From regular visits to his apartment to interactions with familiar faces from neighboring blocks, Miles Morales is an engaging exploration of Harlem's struggle while encapsulating the spirit of the iconic city.

A Fresh Take on the Spider-Man Saga

Spider-Man: Miles Morales manages to introduce new elements to the well-known Spider-Man universe while staying true to Miles’ character. This particular adaptation focuses on Miles as a teenager trying to do the right thing with his mentor Peter, his family and friends. It's a story of personal growth, neighborhood politics and familial connections, aligning with the trends of classic and contemporary Spider-Man narratives.


  • Exciting gameplay with updated swinging mechanics;
  • Improved lighting and particle effects enhance the visual experience.
  • Engrossing storyline that stays true to Miles Morales' roots.


  • The game, being smaller overall, might leave players desiring a larger map.
  • The familiar cityscape might feel redundant to players of the previous game.


Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a commendable standalone title. It builds upon the foundations of the original game, introduces exciting new components and captivates its players with a unique narrative and visual representation of New York City, making every aspect feel essential.





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