Table Top Racing: World Tour - Supercharger Pack review

Table Top Racing: World Tour - Supercharger Pack

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SUPERCHARGE your Table Top Racing: World Tour with this great value pack! So...what's in the box? Add the all-new blistering "Can Ya Dig It?" desert race track to your single and multiplayer racing, 4 new Ultra-cool cars to master: the 'Scooper Turbo', the Apex GT '85, the 'Huulligun' and the 'Baguetti Carb Injection'. Plus 3 Full Championships with multi-race finales and 16 brand new super-challenging Special Events?

✔ 4 New routes around the all-new "CAN YA DIG IT?" race track
✔ 3 Multi-race Championship to beat comprising of 35 individual events
✔ 4 Ultra-Cool Cars: SCOOPER TURBO, APEX GT '85, HUULIGUN, BAGUETTI Carb Injection
✔ 16 New 'Special Events' put your skills to the test and your new cars through their paces
✔ 16 New Paint Schemes


SCOOPER TURBO (Cult Classic)
Lightweight, agile and easy-to-drive, this retro-chic 'Cool-Britannia' classic is an absolute joy to drive! It certainly makes a change from some of the lumbering heavyweights in the Cult Classics category.

APEX GT '85(Street Racer)
In the late 1980's, on Japan's mountain roads, legend has it that drifting was invented by Keiichi Tsuchiya - the "Drift King". Do you have the control skills to high-speed slide through multiple corners and nail a legendary Drift Score?

THE HUULIGUN (Street Racer)
This fast and furious street racer is the epitome of the pint-sized, power-mad, ultra-drifter. Is this the coolest car on the planet? We think it might be...

A legendary TTR car, makes a welcome return to the table top race track. Luxury, power, finesse and plenty of grip - this Hypercar is brutally fast, so you WILL need to use those massive brakes! Power is nothing without Control!


Set in the sweltering heat of the desert, around an abandoned archaeological dig, is a table top race track that is as brutal as its surroundings. Strewn with rare artifacts, hidden treasures and ancient secrets, this site creates a challenging race course and a stunning backdrop for more ruthless multiplayer battles.


3 New multi-event Championship trophies to win, one in each category:
✔ CULT CLASSICS: Skid-Lid Super Cup offers 6 new events and a 3-race Finale
✔ STREET RACERS: Racing Aces G.P. consists of 8 new events and 3-race Finale
✔ SUPERCARS: Chequered Flag Cup challenges you to 10 events and a 5-race Finale
✔ PLUS 16 NEW SPECIAL EVENTS to challenge your racing skills and of course, your 4 new cars

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Table Top Racing: World Tour - Supercharger Pack Table Top Racing: World Tour - Supercharger Pack
Table Top Racing: World Tour - Supercharger Pack
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