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My Talking Tom review

Let's delve into the captivating universe of popular mobile games, where we meet Talking Tom Cat, an engaging and lovable character that has successfully captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. The game is the brainchild of Outfit7 Limited and serves as an interactive virtual pet experience, boasting over a hundred million downloads to its credit.

The first encounter with Tom, your virtual feline mate as you launch the game, is set to leave an imprint on your gaming journey. The game revolves around interacting with Tom, which will address your inputs with unprecedented humor and fun. Talking Tom Cat is all about fostering a two-way communication space with Tom that rewards players with non-stop laughter. You need merely tap the screen to amuse yourself with a multitude of Tom's entertaining antics and responses.

The menu of options in this game allows you to feed Tom. From juicy watermelons to spicy chili, you will be surprised at the food that Tom absolutely devours. You can even get a taste of his oddball reactions post-feast, and for sure, these will make your day. Following the meal, Tom mimics the sound you make, amplifying the hilarity with his distinct voice.

One of the game's key attractions is its exemplary graphic quality. The visuals are vibrant and rendered startlingly lifelike, further enhancing the fun of interacting with Tom. A pat on the back to the game developers for creating such appealing and immersive graphics - it's nothing short of addicting!

As far as the controls in Talking Tom Cat are concerned, it doesn't get any more straightforward. Given the game's simplicity and light-hearted nature, all you need to do is tap your way through this fun-filled journey. Keep engaging with Tom and prepare yourself for never-ending delight.


1. Interactive gameplay with a wide range of custom actions.
2. High-quality graphics that promise a visually appealing experience.
3. Comic voiceover and animation providing a good dose of humor.
4. Lightweight mobile app that doesn't compromise your phone's performance.
5. User-friendly controls and interface for enhanced user experience.


1. The game can be repetitive, potentially losing player interest over time.
2. Limited action options, which could be expanded for more diversity.
3. The humor might not appeal to everyone's taste.


The fascinating world of Talking Tom Cat gives players a wholesome interactive gaming experience. Its engaging gameplay, enviable graphics, and user-friendly controls combine to provide endless moments of laughter and enjoyment. Despite a few minor setbacks, the game remains an excellent choice for pocket gaming. Remember, it's all about tapping into the fun – with Tom!





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